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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

HP is playing hard

Like in a response to the release to market of the iPad; HP has released a new video that would translate in something like "what I have that you don't have". This and a marketing campaign like I have not seen from HP in a long time could be something that Apple did not see coming.


  1. Hi frank, I just penned a pre-review at http://tinta-e.blogspot.com/2010/04/puestos-de-momento-me-quedo-con-el.html

    I just cannot understand why people is repeating the same mistakes of the 90's, betting for closed platforms instead of Windows, Android or Linux ecosystems. Of course media tycoons are feeding all this hypesteria because they naivelly believe that as people buy iPad, they are going to pay for their contents too. Yeah, right

  2. BTW, Frank, Do you know if HP Slate can use Origami's keyboard? it would be great!

  3. Juan, as far as I know, the HP Slate is using W7, if this is the case I don't see why the Origami's keyboard can't be use on it.

  4. right, but I'm not sure if that keyboard is downloadable outside of origami environment. I'm out of UMPC business long ago. Do you know if it can be obtained?

  5. The keyboard was the only part of the Origami Project that was not from Microsoft. You can find more about the DialKeys here.


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