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Friday, April 09, 2010

EviGroup Paddle 10” TabletPC

It's like Tablet PCs are getting a second chance. A new one is coming soon, the Evigroup Paddle 10" TabletPC according to news published at UMPCPortal.


The design looks good but I believe that Slates should have few hot keys around the screen to make their use easier.

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  1. Shame on Microsoft. They created, they innovated, and then they become afraid, shy or something. 6 years ago there were devices with impressive capabilities, but Microsoft don't:

    * Support vendors with prices
    * Support developers. No tablet ecosystem at all
    * actually adapt their other products to tablet environment
    * adaptation of OS was restricted to tablet superset instead of bet more seriously for a compelling environment

    So, 6 years after, a lot of efforts in vain and now Cupertino People is taking the reward they don't deserve


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