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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Android 2.2 is bringing new features

Android 2.2 is coming and it's bringing new features currently hidden in Google's Nexus One.

Multicolor trackball notifications are definitely coming. Android hackers like ChainsDD have already unlocked this feature for users of custom ROMs. Google advertised the multicolor trackball during its launch of the Nexus One, but the feature was cut from the final Android 2.1 build.

When it comes to the FM radio, I have no idea. Other HTC phones on a similar Snapdragon platform (Desire and Incredible) include the FM radio so it’s not out of the question that the N1 has it too.

I spoke with Google’s Eric Tseng during CES and he told me there were many secrets left in the Nexus One that we would discover later.

Wow, what are the other secrets left to be discovered in Nexus One? Who knows. That sounds promising.

Android 2.2 is coming.


  1. So, Frank, have you abandoned the windows mobile ship? even win 7 mo?

    Obviously I am deducing, but it seems to be logical: Win 6.5 is an undead OS and Win 7 possibly is going to be unfriendly for hacking.

    I was a WinMo 5.5 user but I grew tired of lack of evolution. And I just cannot accept a closed device in which I cannot do whatever I want with the device I have bought: iphone, and now Win 7. What a worrisome tendence

  2. I'm not closing that door. But the advantages of an Open architecture with a company loading it are huge and you can see results in a short period of time.

  3. Specially when the other OS are trying to follow the uberclosed way of Apple.

    Next year android will be stabilised in version 2.2.

    But don't forget meego. Google did a stupid movement closing their market to devices that aren't smartphones.

  4. Keep in mind that Adroid Tablet needs applications with a different resolution. What I think that is happening under the hood is that google is preparing a special category or market for those other devices.

  5. Juan, have you read this. Tablets have access to the market.

  6. Hey, that's Big News!!!

    Finally, somebody took the right decision at mountain view. AFAIK, tablets hadn't access to android market because google wanted to avoid excessive competence to their future Chrome OS. Or something. That was plain stupid, because Android is here and works, and is a very good solution to all kind of MIDs.

    Anyway, although both moblin and maemo suffered from stupid decisions, maybe meego is in the right way and they will have some different to deliver: plain good ole linux apps, not just android apps.


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