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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Installing W7 in a Ruvo MiniCap 7 using a nVidia ION


As you may recall I already had the chance of checking the version of this machine using a SIS graphic chip which was Ok but never up to the level of the one I'm currently checking. The facts that it uses a HDMI port to connect to your TV,an ION chip from nVidia that can handle 1080P without any problem and a size that allows you to perfectly hide it in anywhere makes this the perfect Media Center.

The installation of W7 in the Ruvo MiniCap 7 took a little more them 45 minutes. A total of 53 minutes counting 2 optional downloads for the nVidia chip. Tip: After running Windows Update, you will find an unknown device in the Device Manager, click on driver update and point the search to the CD that came with the device.

My first impressions? The ION chip is the way to go!

You can see playing different video files in this video.

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