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Monday, September 21, 2009

Aspire One, photo review

I always carry in my backpack a digital camera hunting the opportunity for a good shot. Last week one of my coworkers brought her Aspire One and of course, I did not miss the chance to take some pictures of it and compare it to my Fujitsu P1610.

IMG_0507 by ctitanicIMG_0508 by ctitanicIMG_0510 by ctitanicIMG_0511 by ctitanicIMG_0512 by ctitanicIMG_0509 by ctitanic

IMG_0514 by ctitanicIMG_0513 by ctitanicIMG_0515 by ctitanicIMG_0516 by ctitanicIMG_0517 by ctitanicIMG_0518 by ctitanic

IMG_0519 by ctitanicIMG_0520 by ctitanicIMG_0521 by ctitanicIMG_0522 by ctitanicIMG_0524 by ctitanicIMG_0523 by ctitanic

IMG_0525 by ctitanicIMG_0526 by ctitanicIMG_0527 by ctitanicIMG_0528 by ctitanic

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