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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Archos 9 may not be a Touch Compliant mini Tablet

I’m going to start calling Touch Compliant to those devices where the hardware/drivers installed is supporting all the touch screen functionalities of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

I was checking one of the few videos of the Archos 9 with Windows 7 Beta installed and found the TouchKit icon in the screen of the device shown in the video.


The full video can be seen here:

From the video I could not see at least one time any evidence of the use of a HID Compliant Driver. In another words, I did not see any of the touch screen features of Windows 7. In fact, for being a Tablet PC, I found extremely weird the fact that nobody has shown at least one time how the Tablet PC Input Panel works in this device. In fact, I find weird to see that they went to the extreme of designing an on screen keyboard when the one in Windows 7 can be docked in to bottom of the screen and used in the same way than the one in the video.

Please, if you are planning to buy this device read this first.

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