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Friday, August 28, 2009

Few notes about W7 in a Viliv X70

Thanks to Dynamism I had the chance of testing a Viliv x70 and even more, install W7 on it. This is not a guide, these are just few notes about the process.

  • The device has only one USB port, buy a little USB port where you can connect your USB Mouse, keyboard and a bootable USB Memory stick with Windows 7. I used this tool to prepare the USB Memory.
  • Download from Viliv all drivers and uncompress them in a folder in your bootable USB. Windows 7 wont recognize the WiFi and the Touch Screen. This is why is so important to have the WiFi driver ready. The touch screen driver that I recommend is the eGalax Beta for W7. Still this is not a HID and as result Windows 7 will not recognize this device as a Tablet PC or a device with a digitizer. This means that you will miss some of the touch features that we love very much from Windows 7.
  • To boot from the USB, turn on the unit holding pressed the button B. Using the Joystick select the option of booting from the USB.
  • To install W7 select the 24 Gb unit, click in advance, and format.
  • When the installation of W7 is done, install the WiFi, reboot and run windows update. Once you have installed the updates then install the touch screen driver. Check the device manager, you will find a device marked with !, update the driver using the files in the folder EC_IO downloaded from Viliv.
  • Keep installing the rest of the software download the Viliv. For CubeUI you will need to download Air from Adobe.

Windows 7 Index for the Viliv x70. Average 3.48


As comparison point here is the Index for the Fujitsu P1610. Average 3.02


The Viliv X70 overall performs better than my P1610 with a better CPU. The Viliv X70 only needs one thing, a HID for the touch screen . What a crime to have a wonderful device like this no using fully all Touch features of Windows 7 and Office (No ink support).


  1. you can use evernoted ink ready note

  2. Still, ink looks bad and performance while inking is bad.


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