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Monday, May 04, 2009

W7 RC: Ready for the market

I installed this weekend W7 RC. A clean install in my 15 Gb test partition and ending with around 5 Gb free. In 2 hours I was answering emails and working. Even when Fujitsu has not released any drivers for W7 for the P1610 series, more or less I have everything working (the screen does not rotate automatically when I rotate the display to tablet mode).


I'm really happy with this release. It seems strong, well made. It seems a product ready to hit the market so I would not be surprised if I see it released in this Summer.


  1. I have a P1620 and broadly speaking the windows 7 update worked fine. However I decided to get back to Vista due to the "screen rotation" issue you mention.
    did you find a way to solve the issue?

  2. No yet. I'm rotating the screen manually using the button in the display.


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