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Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 10 disappointing technologies

 PC Authority has posted an interesting article about disappointing technologies and there are two Microsoft’s Products that are included in the list of top ten. Could you guess which ones? I’m sure you do: Vista and Zune.

Vista's biggest problem, however, was its big appetite for hardware. Users who had grown accustomed to the low demands of XP were often shocked to realize how much hardware they would need to upgrade just to run Vista. Many of the high-end features out of the realm of even some brand new systems.
The matter was further complicated when a lawsuit unearthed evidence that the company purposely lowered some of the suggested requirements at the behest of hardware vendors.

Here is what they said about Zune:

The problem with the Zune is that it lacks any sort of killer app. The Xbox had some big exclusive titles and a superior online community. There was nothing of this magnitude to establish the Zune over its competitors. It arguably functions as well or better than the iPod in many ways, but not in any way that was good enough to really make people dump their iPods The music service for the Zune was also lacking, and it didn't help that the thing was ugly as sin.

I would add that they did a big mistake switching from WMP to Zune Software to manage the music library. Of course I understand that they needed in some way to integrate the Zune Market Place but in my opinion that switch in the middle of the road disappointed many users including me. It was like we bought an unfinished product.

Top 10 disappointing technologies - News - PC Authority

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