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Monday, February 09, 2009

W7 in my Fujitsu P1610

Well, this has been a painful process. I had enough space in my HDD to install W7 in a second partition but Vista was not giving me enough space to create that partition. Yesterday using Perfect Disk I finally got all my system files defragged and moved leaving me enough space to create the partition.

I installed W7. The process was more or less fine. Most of the drivers worked from the beginning. The only ones that did not work were the BlueTooth and the Fingerprint reader. W7 installed a Fujitsu Touch screen driver. And there were one the complications started. First of all, I should have run Windows Update first to get the latest Intel Graphic Drivers and only after that to try to calibrate the touch screen. That’s how I did it in my Samsung Q1 and worked for me. In this case, I went to the Control Panel and I found an Icon from Fujitsu to calibrate the screen. That was another mistake. I should have calibrated it using the Calibration button from the Tablet PC Options. That use the calibration software from Microsoft.

Anyway… at this moment I’m not so sure of what I should have done. The calibration was not working so to fix it I downloaded the latest driver from Intel, I tried to calibrate using the Fujitsu Icon and the Tablet PC settings but that did not fix anything. I uninstalled the Touch driver and Installed the latest one I had working in Vista. After that, when in the registry and deleted all the calibration data. Rebooted it, and calibrated again using just the Tablet PC Settings Calibration button (Microsoft TabCal). I noticed also that the calibration was not good in the Log On screen so I used this program developed by Angel Garcia at todoUMPC.com to fix that issue.

I installed the BT drivers from Vista and that worked. Today when I get back home I’ll install the Beta Fingerprint Reader Drivers for W7.

I’m getting BSOD when I’m using IE8. But I did not have time yesterday to check what is causing these BSOD. This pissed me off big time because so far I have installed W7 in 2 more machines and one Virtual Machine and it has been working stable in all of them. The only difference is that I did not have to install any drivers in those machines. In my P1610 I have few drivers that needed to be installed. Probably one of them is not working properly. One interesting point is that all the BSOD have been while using IE8. I’ll install today Firefox and see if that does not happen in this other browser.

I’ll keep posting about my findings.


  1. I have not had any luck with the table input yet.

    I first tried the default Windows 7 driver which works great, and then stops working sporadically.

    Then I tried the Vista driver from the Fujitsu site, which now doesn't work at all and only registers every 4th movement or so.

    It's pretty frustrating, especially since Windows 7 seems to be the only OS that runs well on this computer. Yet, no Windows 7 drivers are available.


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