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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wibrain, TV and... your car

Many people can't live without a TV. But imagine a guy who wants to have an iPod, a GPS and a TV all connected at the same time (at least available to be used) in his car. What he is going to do? Well, according to our friend Steve from UMPCPortal.com, the answer is to get a Wibrain. 

I love the way that UMPCs integrate into cars so easily. With the docking station and it’s included GPS device, some navigation software and a good skin for your favorite media player, you have a very flexible system indeed. Although I love my Nokia N82 in the car for simple navigation and audio, having 60GB of videos, live TV, a full browser, the webcam and the great WiBrain screen makes you feel ready for any eventuality. Even work! One of these day’s I’m going to hire a minivan, load it up with UMPCs and do a city-city tour to see which UMPC is the ultimate in-car companion. I have a feeling that the WiBrain, with its excellent docking station, is going to be the one to beat!

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