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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Intel Atom-based UMPC is coming from Fujitsu

1While some of the press still posting articles talking about a supposedly UMPC Fiasco we have companies like Fujitsu announcing a new UMPC coming soon according to news posted at Digitimes.

Fujitsu has showcased its second generation 5.6-inch UMPC U2010 with Intel's 45nm Atom processor. The UMPC will focus on the high-end market with a price of NT$40,000 (US$1295.34) and will be launched in Taiwan in July.

The U2010 will have a 6-row keyboard (compared to five rows in previous generation models) and have built-in 3.5G and GPS modules. The device will weight 610g and features a rotatable screen.

This one looks to me like a renovation of the old Fujitsu U800 or U1010. They still using the super slow Atom processor and on top of that Vista. Come on Fujitsu... Vista and Atom are bad partners!

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