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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Very pleased

I have been using my eo exactly a week since it came back from the recall and I'm very pleased with current battery life. My old device reached a point where I could work only for less than one hour ending with the eo going off without any previous warning. With this unit from current batch I can work easily for more than two if WiFi is off and around two hours with WiFi on. The old got so hot that sometime it was just close to a painful experience to write with my wrist touching the bottom part of the unit. This one is warm but I would say that it's 30% cooler than the old one. At least I do not feel anymore that painful sensation that I felt many times with the old one.

If we could get this unit going in C3 State mode and better drivers and support from VIA I would declare this a perfect machine. But even with these little problems (I say little because they are nothing compare to the already fixed battery issue) at this moment I can recommend the eo to anybody something that I could not do just a week ago.

I love the buttons positions and functionality and I can't see me using any other UMPC without the Synaptics Pointing Device.

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