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Monday, September 29, 2014

Surface Pro 3 in the classroom

Today I took my Surface Pro 3 to a whole day training. This is the first time that I'm using it in this scenario so to me it was a learning experience.

I started taking notes in OneNote but then the trainer gave us a PDF copy of the Powerpoint presentation that he was using so I switched to use Drawboard PDF.

First of all, I should say that this tool has all the elements needed to review or write notes and comments in a PDF file. Probably it's the best tool available of it's kind using MUI. But... Performance was not too good. The writing experience was not as fluid like I would like it to be and some times it took few seconds to "refresh" the page where I was writing my notes. Other than that it did its job decently.

I ended the day with 50% of battery left in my PRO 3. I was taking notes from time to time letting the SP3 go to sleep while I was listening or doing some exercises in a laptop prepared for the training. But even if I had to use it more time taking notes I'm confident that the battery was going to last me the whole day of work in this scenario with more than 6 hours of battery.

Overall, I'm extremity please with the experience and totally convinced that there is not any other device out there that could serve to students better than the Surface Pro 3.

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