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Sunday, June 29, 2014

I love OneNote

OneNote is a free tool that makes me want to go back to school. It's so easy to use and now with the Surface Pro 3 it's even better. There is a lot of debate about Microsoft's claim of this being the Tablet that can replace your laptop. And those that do not understand the claim just think about Panay' word "lapability". I invite those to forget for a day or two the keyboard and use it a little more as a TabletPC. And here is where OneNote comes in your help.

You can take note using your Pen in OneNote and later on if you whish you can convert these notes in printing letters. Here are 3 screen shots that show how that's done.

Here is a short note. Even the title is in cursive. Open the Draw menu tool bar.

And click in the marked with an arrow icon. And watch the magic moment.

Everything including the title is converted!

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