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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Stay away from the Desktop

I was reading today some comments posted in our Spanish Site for Windows Tablets and in one of them the author was saying that what's killing Windows RT is the Desktop. Later on I found this other article where you can read the following statement:

What aggravates me the most with the Surface RT is the Windows 7-style desktop layout inside - it’s a fallacy, ignore it - this isn’t Windows 7 or Windows 8. Even calling it “Desktop” is a lie. 
As soon as anyone set eyes on this, they do everything in their power to stay inside it, thinking they’re home. This isn’t home, it’s a husk filled with a lackluster Office Suite and Internet Explorer - and that’s it.
The whole article is good but these few words nailed the whole secret behind those that say to love the new Surface RT. I use the Desktop only when I'm using OneNote or when I'm researching the registry or using some hidden Windows configuration tool called using the wonderful modern UI search feature located in the right menu bar. One search for everything located always in the same place. Nothing is easier neither simpler.

When you are using WinRT the Desktop is not your friend. That's only a shell needed to launch Office and the full version of IE. Stay in the Modern UI from where you can do everything, call and use everything.

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