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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fake or real

Recently I have seen a wave of TV and Radio stations talking about how to buy fake followers for Twitter and Facebook. The problem is that they have gone after Obama, and all celebrities that they can remember checking their followers statuses and accusing the account holders of buying fake followers. Be careful. I used the same tool to check my Twitter account and this is what I found.

I'm not a big Twitter or Facebook fan. I use them to post, something that happens automatically, any new comment that I publish at my blog. I never have tweaked in any way the amount of followers I have. I just do not care about it. And the results say that 15% of my followers are either inactive or fake. So. How did they get there? The inactive I can comprehend, but 4% fake, where they came from? I think that they are spammers that create them wishing that some of my followers click on their accounts to investigate and this way Spam them or something. So if 30% of a big celebrity are fake do not jump into the wrong conclusion. You may end being sued.

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