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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Zippy Compact Keyboard

What could be a better way to write a review about a device that using that same device to write the review. The Zippy BT-500 does not bring too much new to the market, but convenience. It's a compact BT keyboard, ideal to be used as companion with a Tablet or one of those small media center pcs or video players. And the fact that this keyboard allows you to connect up to 6 devices and switch between them just by pressing Fn+ points you toward the idea or having one small keyboard in your living room to be used with whatever device you need to use at the moment whether it's your tablet, your game console or your Media Center PC.

The keyboard uses two AAA batteries and have an ON/OFF switch at the bottom to maximize the battery life.

The size of it is a little bit smaller than the length of the iPad as you can see from the picture. A person with small hands could easily write more than 35 words per minutes on it. Probably is not something to be used for long periods of time, but definitely a must have in the scenarios above explained.

Due to the thickness of it, probably it's not an ideal companion for a Tablet, check the above picture. But if you carry your Tablet in a backpack or any other type of case, then the Zippy is small enough to be considered for this task.

The Zippy is well constructed. It does not feel cheap. The keys do not rattle if you move the keyboard quickly. There is a little sound coming from the battery compartment that could be eliminated easily with a little sponge put between the battery and the plastic cover.


The Zippy Compact Keyboard is the ideal keyboard for all the devices in your living room. The connectivity to multiple devices make it ideal for this situation. Having the size of a control remote, I'm sure that nobody will complain about it. More if you are replacing with it a full-size keyboard.

High Resolution Pictures Here

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