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Friday, October 29, 2010

Walgreens is selling a Tablet

Surprised? Ok, here is the link, check it. The Maylong M150 is an entry level Android (1.6) Tablet, if we can call in this way this 400MHz processor device. Now, if you are one of those that do not understand the popularity of the iPad, I invite you to read the reviews in that product page. People love the simplicity in any device. And even Android 1.6 is able to please most of the users out there. It's like a video that I found the other day about a 90 years old man that got an iPad from his daughter. The old man was still using an old PC with MSDOS and WordPerfect. The iPad was his first contact with Google and Internet. The rest you can imagine it. He was super happy because the iPad was a very friendly and easy to use machine. Easier than MSDOS where he needed a bunch of stickers with notes reminding him how to do stuff and the hot keys of the few programs he was using. After that, to comprehend the reason of those reviews in a machine which battery only last 2 hours and that apparently is not too good playing videos is not that difficult. People sometimes do not need sophisticated devices to accomplish they few things they do and need in Internet.

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