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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Browsing in an iPad is a terrible experience - Part VI

I was looking for a Seafood restaurant that I visited with a friend around 10 years ago but that left on me a very good impression. I was happy to found that La Minutera already had a web page! But... Too good to be true.


  1. Every page using Flash won't work in the iPad. We knew that man.

  2. I'm not making a list of sites with flash, I'm showing how many times in my normal life I feel frustrated because I can go to a site I need because a mentally sick old man prohibited the installation of flash in this device.

  3. Well... ypur iPad is jailbreaked, right? There is no Flash for jailbreaked iPads?

    Anyway I had a Galaxy Tab a few days ago in my hands and is a great tablet... I found the 7" screen quite small compared with the iPad one but android tablet is the way to go... with flash on it.

  4. So you are advising to buy the Tab instead the iPad. BTW, flash for iPad is a hack that has not passed the alpha stage.


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