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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who owns my iPad?

I was watching TV few minutes ago and there was a commercial about TVGuide.com talking about the new search engine that allowed you to find your favorite shows episodes in any page of the web. That sounded extremely appealing to me so I grabbed my iPad laying near me and went to TVGuide.com to check by myself this new feature. Once there the site asked me if I wanted to switch to a version made for the iPad. Why not - I said. Well, it looks good, but... Hum... Where are the other features of the "normal" site? Hum... It looks good but it's not what I was looking for. So I went back to the normal site, I read one or two articles and photo reports that WERE NOT in the iPad site and later went and searched for my favorite show... N C I S... Enter. Hum... This sounds good. A behind scene movie about the new Season coming I believe this month. I clicked the Watch Now link that sent me to this page. Nothing is wrong with that page Frank! Probably are you going to tell me if you have been patient enough to follow me up to this point. Oh Yeah! Then... Something Is wrong with my iPad Steve Job! This is all Im getting! A F.... BLACK RECTANGLE!

A black rectangle and an ironic NOW PLAYING under that useless black box. Was not you selling me that picture of me laying in my couch browsing the web?

THE WEB! Because I did not hear you saying a FILTERED version of the web free of Flash. Why I have to jailbreak my iPad to get what I have in my Nexus ONE? Please old man, open your mind or just retire. You are holding back Apple. HTML5 is the answer but still far from being implemented everywhere and that process will take at least 2 years. I don't want to wait two years to navigate the web from my couch without any restriction on what I want to watch. I already invested in one of your iPad. I want to enjoy it. That's all I want. And you, STEVE JOBS, you are holding me to enjoy my investment though I'm about to start thinking that I just leased your company an iPad. I do not have any control on it. You have all the control. What I can play and what I can't. What I can watch in there and what I can't. What I can install and what I can't.


  1. So, you did not pay attention to the numerous announcements about the iPad lacking Flash? Hmmm?.. So if you buy a kindle, are you going to be upset that you can't buy books from Barnes and Noble for it? (actually you can....kind of like running flash on an iDevice.) I dunno Frankie, I am hearing impaired and I was aware that there was no Flash support well before my purchase. The lack of flash is annoying, but it is the compartmentalized file system that rubs my rear raw.

  2. That the iPad does not support flash is well known but that doest mean that we have to accept that in silence. We have to keep posting about it until jobs get the message.

    The compartmentalized file system is a topic for another article. It's a waste of space. Like iBook, the ePub files are uncompressed in your iPad using up to 4 times the size of the original ePub.

  3. Yep, I really like the title of this post. The example is correct, but the title deserves more, because... What "own" mean referred to a computing device?

    it used to mean "I can do whatever I want and the hardware and/or software maker cannot impose limits beyond actual capabilities. I cannot install a 3D render software on an ARM powered device because of OS and raw power, but I supposed to be the decision maker of what can I install or not install on MY devices.

    Another example: I am writing this on an Atom-powered netbook. It is linux-powered too, and I need certain analysis software not compatible with linux, nor even with wine. Ok, I installed virtualbox, a winxp on it and the privative software on it.

    It's mine.

  4. But the main issue is that the iPad can handle flash. The problem is that flash gives developers another tool out of the Apple's market place control.


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