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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Browsing in the iPad is terrible - Part IV

I was fixing a few minutes ago my previous post about how terrible is browsing the WEB with an iPad when I discovered that the editor of Blogger does not recognizes Safari in my iPad as a valid browser. As result I can't use the Rich editor and I'm forced to use just the HTML browser. Hum... Another example of how "magic" is the browsing experience with an iPad.


  1. How would you translate "si no quieres caldo, toma tres tazas"?

    That's the way to go!!! Somebody had to say all these truths.

    Yeah, iPad it's about magic... or witchcraft. Y understand less and less why iPad users still feel magic the usage of a browser so incomplete.

  2. New versions optimized for iPad cooming soon anuncied from Google...


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