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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The questionable Apple's Quality Control

This is not the first time Apple has Quality Control issues. Google can help you to find them. But what I have read  today in an article written by my friend and coworker Adam Stafford is more than enough. Check this video:

Hard to believe, is not it? This can't be fix with a software patch. Unless you want to apply the following fix that will make me rich, just think about, according to Apple 600,000 units have been sold already if I sell to everyone of this owner a $2 rubber case... I'll end making 1.2 million!


  1. And you don't need to be left-handed to grab the iPhone with your left hand. Since I'm write-handed and use my index finger of my right hand to type in the iPhone keyboard so I hold it with the left hand.

    As a matter of fact. I use my left hand to hold the iPhone 3GS that I own right now and I notice that the digital compass was giving my wrong heading all the time. After further investigation I found out that my wedding band in my ring finger in my left hand was affecting the measure of the digital compass.

    Anyway this left-hand stuff in the iPhone 4 is far more bizarre.

  2. (write-handed means right-handed) Sorry about the typo.

  3. My dear friend, this time Apple did it and a big time!

  4. Frank, it isn't going to have any effect. Job's Reality Distortion Field and all that. A lot of iwhatever buyers aren't actually buying technology


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