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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Little vampires

The title of this post reminds me my experience with Windows Mobile and a post that I wrote about the Today Screen Add-ons. But today I'm talking about the Android's Widgets. Recently I installed Froyo in my Nexus One and I was very disappointed to find how after a brief call , reading 20 emails and 8 hours of Standby my battery level was at 30% when usually in 2.1 it was at 70%. Checking the web I found that others did not have that issue so it was something installed in my Nexus. Little by little I started uninstalling Widgets and checking my battery use. I had one Widget showing me the battery level in % and guess what, that was the one causing the issue! That's why I'm calling Widgets "little vampires" because they suck all the "juice" from your phone. So be careful about what you are installing.


  1. Battery Widget. You will find many with the same name and I don't remember the developer, that's why I'm not mentioning it in my post.


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