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Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 20 Smart Mobile Devices pundits

I was not expecting this one at all! Thanks guys that voted for me. To read my name in the same list with people that I follow and admire is for me a great honor.


From smartphones to smartbooks to eReaders, "Smart Mobile Devices," is the fastest–growing consumer tech segment redefining the way we, as consumers, access information. With new products launched nearly every day, our front-line informants — media, analysts, and bloggers alike — offer up news, reviews and points of view to help us navigate the constantly changing consumer gadget landscape.

In order to thank and recognize those who deserve to be honored as true industry pundits, we’ve gathered your feedback over the past 2 weeks (February 9-18) and compiled the top 20 most revered commentators on smart mobile devices based on your submissions.

Via Freescale


  1. Guilty Your Honor. I was the one proposing Hugo and you to the list. I ignore how many votes you two got, at least you got and you always will get my vote.

    I consider an honor to collaborate with you at todoumpc.com

    Like in the ARMY. At your command Sir.

  2. Wow! I'm so surprised that I don't know what to say beside THANK YOU!!!

  3. No prob. Someone need to propose you and I did it. That's all. My pleasure.


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