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Sunday, February 28, 2010

HID Driver for Viliv S5

This is a really good news for Viliv S5 owners. Those that installed Windows 7 in these devices probably were disappointed when they found that there was not full HID support for the Viliv S5 touch screen. Well, Hugo Ortega has released this driver at his blog. Bravo Hugo!

I am extremely excited to share with you that Viliv has one of the most exciting updates a Tablet enthusiast can imagine, i.e. a HID (human Interface Device) Driver for their S5. With the driver the unit gets a dose of steroids allowing it to function properly with stylus and much more! Without the HID Driver the unit clumsily calls-up the TIP (Tablet Input Panel), stumbles through calibration and suffers as a Tablet PC when compared to post-upgrade!


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