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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apple tablet device in October!?

…posted the news about the latest Apple tablet computer rumor that has the 9.7 inch device slated for an October release for $800.

I decided to start this news with a quote taken from this article from Znet. Come on! Apple releasing a TabletPC is possible but for $800 is just unbelievable. Tablet PCs are usually more expensive than laptops. And Apple's notebooks are far from cheap.

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  1. Apple Tablet may be launched this Christmas or possibly as early as September and might cost $800.00. I hope this will be another great rally for apple earnings. I will buy one of this for sure. The iphone started to be too little to stay all the day looking things. I am a great fan of apple product so started collecting all the information (more than 200 sites) about Apple Tablet(News, Videos, Pics, Pre reviews, Rumors etc.,). If you are interested take a look at the below link


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