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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Palm Pre full review

Julie at  Gadgeteer has spent a week using the Palm Pre and with that experience has prepared the most complete review I have read lately about this device.

My Palm Pre is going back to Sprint. Probably tomorrow. I like it, but I just don’t love it. I had high hopes for it that haven’t quite been met and the carrier coverage in my area doesn’t really make me want to switch away from AT&T right now. As far as the actual device is concerned, I guess I have my standards set too high. Like new gadgeteer contributor Bryan Sherman and I talked about the other day, I need to quit wishing for some new end all be all device to come on the market because it’s probably never going to happen and I’m likely never going to be satisfied.

What would make me satisfied with the Pre? A metal body, better slider mechanism, MicroSD card slot, better macro mode for pix, video recording capability, GSM version and physical buttons on the front that allow you to answer / end a call.

Julie ends her article saying “Don’t Give Up, Palm” and that’s the feeling that I share. Palm came from being the best PDA maker to be less than nothing in this industry. Now I personally see the Palm Pre as a comeback. And I really hope this time the company actually find a way to fight against the iPhone, the Android and… why not, Windows Mobile.

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