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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Apple Tax

Paul Thurrott has posted at his blog a very nice article or note about what Microsoft calls Apple Tax. 


There are two tables created by Microsoft to illustrate the whole concept. After checking those tables the only thing that I can say is that with the same amount of money that you spend in a Mac, you buy a really powerful PC. Just in HDD you get twice the space for the same money. You get 30% of more RAM and in one case even a Blue-Ray Driver or a TV Tuner.

VIA - SuperSite Blog

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  1. Interesting, I did not see the Microsoft computer on that list. I saw Dell, but that is not Microsoft. I saw HP, but that is not Microsoft. If Microsoft would like to compare prices, lets compare the price of Vista Ultimate to OS X. Or Office to iWork (and you cannot cite the differences in power between the two, because that just makes you a fanboy, as I am if I point out the differences between what you actually get with a new Mac compared to a new Dell). It would seem that if Microsoft would like to compare prices, then they should actually make the thing that they are talking about.


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