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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

W7 in my P1610 – Update

The tdx.sys BSOD that I was getting after installing any AntiVirus went away after installing build 7022. Now the system is working stable so far. The tdx.sys BSOD continues. I found that it happens if I have a network drive mapped and an Antivirus installed.

The automatic screen rotation is not working and the auto turn on when you open the PC is not working. All the rest is working.

About the alignment of the touch screen. Right after the installation you will find that the pen is off for a few millimeters close to the borders. Go to Windows Update, download the latest Intel Graphic Drivers. Once they are installed, do a reboot. After that go to Control Panel/Tablet PC Settings and use the calibration button in there.

After the installation I prepared a folder with all the drivers for Vista. I went to my Device Manager and there where two unknown devices. One of them was the Authentec Fingerprint reader. I installed the driver for Vista and W7 detected an error, after checking for a solution in the web it pointed me to this W7 Beta Driver. After that I did a right click in the second unknown device when to update driver and selected the option to search in my HDD, pointing the search to that folder where I had all my Vista drivers. The search ended with a Fujitsu driver installed.

I also imported this registry file to add 4 point rotation to Intel Drivers but I have to confess that I did not check if it was needed or not.

One bad news. Readyboost is not longer working in my SDHC. I’ll have to spend a little more time on this point tonight.

So I’m a happy camper again with W7 in my P1610.