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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teach Spanish to your recognizer

Speaking in English Tablet PC owners are lucky. We have been using the best handwriting recognition software available in the market for two years. In two years we have been able to train our TabletPCs to recognize virtually 99.99% of the time what ever we “draw” in our TIP. But the rest of the owners speaking other languages do not have this option available. The recognition is there and it’s good but there is not any way to train (personalize) it to be better.

Well apparently this is going to change with W7.


The handwriting personalization seems that will be available for other languages! That’s a real good news. Like many of you may know I live in a dual world writing in two languages and it was always sad for me to experience the difference between both recognitions, English and Spanish. Thanks to the personalization available in my English recognizer the recognition on this one was almost perfect but every time I had to write in Spanish I suffered seeing that the recognition % was not the same due to the lack of personalization in this other language. With W7 this has changed! I hope that this feature stays up to RTM version! Are you listening Microsoft!