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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Intel Video driver for P1610


Fujitsu's Laptops, UMPCs and Tablet PCs are one of the best in the market, no questions about it, but at the same time Fujitsu's Drivers Support is the worse I have seen in a long time. To give you an idea, the Intel video driver for the P1610 listed at Fujitsu web site is from early 2007 and the latest Intel Driver for the 945GM is from June 2008. But wait a minute. That latest driver from Intel does not work well in Fujitsu's P series. It causes a processor overload every time you turn on the unit or when you rotate the screen. That overload cost you around a minute of your time waiting for getting control of your tablet.


Anyway... I found yesterday that there is a newer video driver at Fujitsu Siemens support web site if you look under P1620. The version number is I installed and I find it working a little better than the latest one listed under the P1610 which is version


Oh... I updated the list of drivers installed on my P1610, in case anyone wants to compare.