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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Linux, kill it or save it.

It's more profitable to kill Linux than to save it. And I'm going to prove you that. I posted two news about Linux at todoUMPC. The first one was quoting my friend Daniel's article "Why Mobile Linux is Doomed" and another one about Ubuntu Mobile published at Linux Planet. This last one was asking for help to make Ubuntu fully work in a Q1 Celeron UMPC. Guess what happened, the negative article about Linux is breaking traffic records while the positive one asking to work for a full version of Linux has been completely ignored.

We, bloggers, are some sort of entertainers,  we need traffic in our sites. What is the fun of having a blog if nobody reads it? Did you get my point? So, now do you understand why I said that is more profitable to kill Linux than to save it.

And that's part of the problem with Linux. There is a lot of people defending it but just a few working on it. Wink