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Monday, August 04, 2008

VIA Nano vs Intel Atom, HD playback, Part 2

Today in the morning I reported about a video playback comparison between the new Nano and the Intel Atom processors. And today I got a comment at my blog pointing me to a new tests this time ran by our friend JKK using the Eee with Atom processor and the same video used by VIA on that comparison and the results are completely different.

If we posted about the first video I think we should post about this second one too. To be fair. Now, I know JKK and I know that he is a master optimizing any device to get the best performance. I remember him cutting down the numbers of processes running on Vista up to a level that I never have seen on any of my UMPCs. That said, my guess is that VIA's Eee was not optimized at all and probably the Openbook was optimized. But I'm here speculating something that I should not do. Let's see what VIA has to say about this other video because I would like to hear an explanation. 

jkkmobile: VIA Nano vs Intel Atom, HD playback