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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everun Note performance... too good to be true

everunnoteSteve, from UMPC Portal has received today a Benchmark of the newest Everun Note. The benchmark came from Raon Digital and here is what Steve says about it:

Raon have sent over some early marketing material for the Everun Note and theres a whole lot of interesting information in it. The most interesting is a set of Crystal Mark test results that are showing stunning processing performances figures that are way faster than anything on the UMPC and netbook market. It blows the 1.3Ghz Core-based Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium out of the water and netbooks are going to look extremely slow beside it!

Ok, I have been collecting benchmarks scores in all UMPCs here and that score in that benchmark is just too good to be true. If that score is real we have the first UMPC/Netbook with a performance hard to reach even in the best Laptops available in the market. We have a champion, a Gold Medal. Sorry Raon Digital, I know that your guys read my posts and I have to be clear, being a fact that this benchmark comes from you, the makers of that machine I can't post this score in my table until I see a confirmation from somebody else. The number is unrealistically good. 

The Raon Digital's Everun Note is the first UMPC/Netbook using an AMD Dual Core processor. AMD has been used by this company before and the performance was not too good in those machines. Another point was heat, these machines ran a little bit "hot" so this opens another question, would be able to fry bacons in the Everun Note using this AMD Dual Core processor? What's the battery life in this machine?

Again... Raon Digital, I hope that you reply back with more data because this screen shot has opened a Pandora Box.