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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Teens think Apple is done, iPad is not longer cool

According to an study published by Forbes, teenagers believe that to own an iPad is not cool any longer. They prefer a Surface RT or a Galaxy Samsung. To me that makes since, Apple is stuck in the iPad concept and iOS has not been change with new features and new design since long time ago.

In another hand, they do not feel attractive anymore to own a device that everybody owns including their parents and grandparents!

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  1. Maybe, not all, most teen I meet, after trial some time a Galaxy Note (either size) soon admits the superior features and quality of the iPad, they only miss the easy pirated apps they find for android and how easy are to install such pirated apps.

    iOS have been adding new features, but latest two iteractions Apple cenered on SIRI, most people dont use siri.

    A really new Path is Surface RT, really cool and fully featured but still waiting quality and refinement, MS Still on the battlefield and I Admit Surface RT is the most inovative product all arrunt, Google Android is getting stuck on fragmentation, and lack integration on key features as Wireless (or wired) printing (incredible at this point no Printing API on android).

    Apple still have the hype, and I'm confident they will improve iOS as required step by step, no need for a revolution as MS did with Surface RT (MS need it since Windows was very old fashoned OS and primitive).


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