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Friday, January 28, 2011

Enspert E201 At Dynamism

The Enspert E201 is an Android Tablet running a 1GHz loaded with Froyo 2.2. For around 350 dollars you can take home a machine that is fully Google Certified.


  1. Frank, what a good quality/price ratio, isn't it?

    Depending on final price in Europe, maybe I'll bought it.

    What I suspect is that Bluetooth HID will not be implemented :(

  2. Dynamism is selling in Spain. But I won't expect miracles, 1:1 is the general tendency.

  3. You're right. But even 350 euros could be a great price if sending costs are under control.

    However, it is needed to pay attention to the differences between E201 and E301. Until June, I guess, it's time to refrain... if you can :)


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