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Monday, October 05, 2009

Does the nVidia ION really help?

We have seen lately some hardware makers switch from the Intel video chips or the SIS graphic chips to the nVidia ION and some of you have asked if that helps. I’m currently testing the Ruvo Mini Cap 7 but using the nVidia ION Graphic Chip instead of the SIS 672 and the next two pictures show how the W7 graphic scores changed depending on what chip the device was using.

Using the nVidia ION


And the next one is using the SIS 672


A noticeable difference.


  1. When you tested the ION-enabled MiniCap 7, did you have any problems with heat? I find it very hard to believe that it has no fans inside such a small case with the sort of performance it gives. Did you notice any fans spinning up when you were playing back HD video?

  2. The ION does have a fan. And it was warm.


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