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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why should I pay Microsoft?

Why should I pay Microsoft 99 dollars per year for the use of Windows Mobile Store and on top of that give Microsoft 30% commission in all my sales? I’ll keep selling my applications in all the other stores currently available where I do not pay any annual fee. Bad start Microsoft, bad start.

Via PC World.

Update to my post: if you are a new developer and you are not sure how your application is going to sale I doubt that you would like to invest 100 dollars just to see what happens. So this fee the only thing that stops is the inclusion of new faces in that store. One of the reasons why PPC became so popular was because the developing tools where free and everybody was developing for them in a time where Palm was the competition and the developing tools for palm were expensive. Do not forget that.

Yes, handango and pocketgear may be asking for a bigger commission but there is not any risk involved in putting new applications for sales for new developers.

I have myself more than 5 applications for sale and only two of them make more than 100 dollars per year. It’s really very hard to put in the market something that everybody wants to use unless it’s a game. It’s not that easy like may be many think. All developers are far from making millions like many think.

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  1. I'm afraid that Microsoft is dangerously (for them) far from nowadays tendences. Not only about mobile devices, it is happening the same with origami (oriwhat?), and even desktop experience.

    Maybe they are afraid of real changes, I am not sure. But seeing winmobile 6.5, it almost look like if they what their competition to gain advantage for free.


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