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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Press Release from OQO about AirMagnet

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb 05, 2008 — AirMagnet, the leader in security, performance and compliance solutions for wireless LANs, today announced that its award-winning AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer and AirMagnet Survey are the first WLAN security and management applications to offer platform support for Ultra Mobile Personal Computers (UMPC's). The first device AirMagnet will support is OQO's model 02, an award-winning UMPC that is the world's smallest fully functional PC.

"This new UMPC support enables end-users and resellers — for the first time — to plan and monitor all aspects of the enterprise WLAN with a PC that can fit in their pocket," said Chris Roeckl, vice president of marketing at AirMagnet. "Customers still get our award-winning WLAN applications, but now they have an alternative to traditional laptops and they can select the platform that makes the most sense for their business environment."

AirMagnet's Laptop Analyzer is the industry's most popular mobile field tool for auditing and troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks. It proactively diagnoses WLAN problems and helps IT staff quickly solve end user issues while automatically detecting security threats and other wireless network vulnerabilities. AirMagnet Survey is the market-leading WLAN planning solution that enables customers to collect live signal, packet and spectrum data during site surveys, and simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible with the most accurate depiction of the real user experience.

UMPCs are small form factor PCs that run standard Windows XP or Vista™ operating systems with display sizes of 7 inches or less. The OQO model 02 delivers computing performance powerful enough to perform critical tasks and meet enterprise productivity requirements anywhere and anytime, all in a device that weighs less than one pound. The model 02 is a full-powered and full-featured PC with an integrated thumb keyboard and built in Wi-Fi, 3G WWAN and Bluetooth capabilities. The form factor is highly ergonomic and ideal for a user who needs to perform computing tasks while mobile — even standing up or walking around — and it can be docked at a desk to a standard full-size display, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. The OQO model 02 supports standard Windows applications allowing users to accomplish their tasks in any environment and respond immediately to any issue in the field. For more product information, please visit OQO. AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer and Survey products are supported on OQO model 02 configurations with 1.0GB RAM running the Windows XP™ Professional operating system.

"OQO computers are designed to empower mobile end-users with true enterprise application access. The ability to support AirMagnet's WLAN security and troubleshooting application is a perfect example of the value the OQO model 02 can offer," said Bob Rosin, senior vice president of marketing and alliances at OQO. "Working together with AirMagnet, we are able to provide customers with a truly innovative, accurate, and cost-effective solution."