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Monday, February 11, 2008

About Sony PRS-500 by a Kindle Owner

This weekend I had the chance to check the Sony PRS-500 eBook Reader. It's not a secret that I have been reading my Amazon Kindle for around a month already so it's impossible to have a new reader in my hands and do not compare it with what I already have. First of all, I have to say that the Sony design is impressive, like all Sony designs, if you compare it to Kindle this one looks like a well designed toy, nothing more. But... Looking good is not the most important thing in gadgets. The search functionality in the Kindle, the capability of writing short notes and the overall software usability is a lot better in the Kindle.

After checking the PRS-500 I do not have any doubt that the formula proposed by Amazon where the eBook Reader can be used without connecting it to a PC is the way to go. And another point is "Searching", when you are reading and when you are in a library, one of the tasks that you more often perform is searching. You search for words or topics within your library, you search for words in the book you are reading, you write notes, you highlight sentences or paragraph and often you look for those notes during your research. You can't do any of that in a Sony Reader but you can in a Amazon Kindle.

Recently I was reading an article of Steven King about his Kindle where he wrote that the Kindle Keyboard was not that good but for him was enough because the Kindle was for reading not for writing. And I fully agree, but the fact that the Kindle has that little keyboard makes it one of the best readers in the market.

But this comment is about the Sony PRS-500 so let me end it with few pictures of this wonderful eBook reader.