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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Browsing in an iPad is terrible - Part III

Today I received a text message of my daughter asking me to pick her from a car repair business. I'm an old guy so every time I drive to a place that I don't know the first thing I do is to check the address in Google Maps. And I'm glad that I did it. From the satellite view of the address I noticed that something was wrong because that place looked to me like a house not like a business. In these cases and to be sure I check the place using the option Street View of Google Maps. But... Why this option is not in my iPad? The answer is simple. This feature uses flash.

Come on! I have this feature running in my Nexus ONE! Why I can't have it in my iPad, the same one that was supposed to bring me a "magic experience"! In a bigger screen!

Well thanks to my phone again, I checked the address and found the right address.

Now, my question to Steve Jobs is how long he thinks that will take to Google to switch that feature to HTML5. Of course, knowing Jobs I know his answer: Ask Google. And if I was Google I would be thinking, why I should change it if it's working fine in the way it's.

So here we are iPad owners no enjoying fully or at all that magic experience promised to us by God Jobs.

Note: if you use the Maps application included in the iPad there the Street View option works. The case I'm referring to is when you are using the browser.