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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Browsing in an iPad is terrible - part 1

Steve Jobs keeps repeating everywhere that the browsing experience in the iPad is the best and that those asking for flash is because we are porno sites addict. Well, I gonna start posting all sites where I find problems when I visit them in my iPad. Just today,

- Netflix, does not allow me to rate movies.
- Live (Microsoft), I can't log out from an account to log back to another account.
- National Geographic, they have a section called the Picture of the Day. It does not work because the photo browser is made in flash.

So today I give my browsing experience in the iPad -3. Yeah that's a negative 3.

As you can see, Steve Jobs, there was not any Porno site and only one problem is flash relative. Of course, knowing you the answer is going to be a question: Did you contact these sites asking them to create iPad friendly versions? My answer is NO. I feel that is easy to change the ONE browser with problems than all sites that do not work in Safari but they do work well in all other browsers.