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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Samsung I7500 uses Android

Manufactures are always cautious when new OS are released and that explains why we did not see right after the Android OS release a bunch of other devices in the market. But that does not mean the Android is a failure. Anyone following the Android Community and the developing of Android OS knows the huge activity around Android. The Cupcake version was released for developers this week. This version includes natively Video recording, something that iPhone still dreaming with. This shows the power of an Open Source OS in the hands of the right people. Today we have pictures and videos of a new Samsung Phone that will be released soon using Android.   

The Smartphone also looks decidedly thin, and the design of the hardware buttons at the base is very slick.  If you’ve been waiting for the first “mainstream” Android device - thinking HTC’s offerings to-date have been a little too “business” in their design - then the Samsung I7500 could be the device for you.


The fact that a company without any experience in the Phone industry and using a network which is a lot smaller than AT&T has sold more than 1 million Android phones seems to me is a very good sign of how healthy this new OS is. Will it win the race against the iPhone? It’s early to say but one thing is for sure, it’s even now when it still young a very good adversary for the iPhone and it has done what Microsoft have not done with a single phone in many years.

Samsung I7500 caught on video | Android Community