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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is my hibernation?!

Yesterday I needed more space in my Testing Partition and I ran the clean up option of W7. Knowing that deleting the hibernation file was going to free around 700 MB I included that option in my clean up. Later on I found that I did not free the space I needed so I went back to work in my usual things. By the end of the day when I finished I went to hibernate my P1610 as usual and… Where the heck is hibernation option? Well, I remembered about my clean up and all that so I said for myself… It’s just a matter of activating back the hibernation. Surprise! I went and opened the Control Panel and every place on it where I thought that Checkbox could be hidden and I just could not find it. So I went and “called” my friend Google to find out that in Vista and now W7, once  you delete the hibernation file there is not any option to get it back. The only way is opening the DOS Console as an Administrator and executing this very easy to remember command:

powercfg -h on

And my hibernation option was back there, where it was supposed to be. The funny thing is that before I “called” Google I searched in my Windows Help and it was completely useless in this case. The help file did not know anything about Hibernation. I hoped this is because I was using W7 and they still do not have any help topic prepared for this option. So I went into my Vista PC and searched in the help file. And this is the only thing that I found:

Why is the Hibernate option not available on the Lock button menu?

Your system administrator may have turned off hibernate, or you may have hybrid sleep turned on.

Wow! And what about reactivating it? Nothing. Call the Administrator. In this case me. Thanks God that I had Internet available with my Google friend 24/7.

Is not easier Microsoft to have a checkbox back there in the Control Panel to activate/deactivate the Hibernation? Why we still have to use the DOS Console in a century where everything is visual?