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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Amazon Kindle for iPhone

No doubt about it, Amazon is conquering the world of eBooks!

Kindle for iPhone application was just released to iTunes marketplace and is available for download! What it does is it brings most of the Amazon Kindle functionality to iPhone or iPod Touch.

There is not anything clearly said about the DRM protection of these eBooks neither the file format used but my guess is that they still protected and the same restrictions that Amazon has for Kindles will apply to iPhones. And I do not have any problem with that. Amazon lets you add up to 5 Kindles into your account, that means that all members of your family can read your purchased books at anytime. In another hand, Amazon acts like your personal library. If you buy a new Kindle replacing your old one as soon as you connect it to your account all your books become available to you. You won’t have old problem any more where your downloaded eBooks get lost if your device brakes. That never happens.

Kindle For iPhone and iPod Touch