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Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Notes

I posted yesterday about PDANet for Android. I tested it in W7 thinking or being prepared for all kind of error messages and guess what, none. It worked perfectly in W7. Easy to install, easy to use.

Yesterday IE8 was released  and like I have been saying, I’m switching back from FireFox to IE8. Reasons, many. Firefox does not have support for Tablet PCs and I’m a Tablet PC user. Yes, I use IETab extension in Firefox but then why I should be using Firefox if I need an IE extension to work properly. In another hand, Firefox for some reason was very slow opening for the first time, it was slow in some pages and other pages did not render properly. In my multi cultural world and I needed a spell checker with multiple languages capability so I installed IE7pro and it gave me few problems but if I disable everything but the spell checker and the modification of the contest menu everything works find in IE8. So that’s what I did. So far I’m happy with IE8 so the other features of IE7Pro are not that important to me because most of them are already present in IE8.

do you need instant on in your Laptop, UMPC, or Tablet PC? Check this video prepared by my friend JKK. The beta of Xandros Presto OS can be downloaded here.