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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Samsung includes full Tablet PC support in Q1p

My friend JKK noticed today a message hidden here that to me is the best news I have received this year.
Daryl d says: speaking of cool, i now have the vista version of the q1p: amazing machine that's a lot brighter that the previous q1p. Also, handwriting is not jagged anymore. However, does anybody know how to remove that annoying mouse that pops up when you touch the screen and gets in the way of everything?
This means to me that Samsung has added HID Drivers to Q1p! That could be the only reason why now the handwriting does not look any more like the one coming from a 90 year old man and why he is getting Vista Mouse in his screen. The screen is not recognized anymore as a mouse but as a digitizer!

I do not have to say that I'm trying desperately to get those drivers! And I bet you all do!