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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vista 100% working on my Q1

Yeap. Even the automatic learning feature from my handwriting is working. The Tablet PC keyboard appears automatically when I log on in my Q1, so everything is in the same way it was with XP.

It did not make sense to me that without HID Drivers, the Q1 was recognized by XP as a Tablet PC and now with Vista it was not. So a little search in the registry gave me the answer. The only problem right now is that these registry changes do not survive if you reboot the machine, but if you like me hibernate your unit the whole time then you are ok. Once in a while if you reboot your machine you will have to run the .reg file again and go to your Control Panel, Tablet PC settings and check again the option to learn automatically from your handwriting. If there somebody that can write for us a little service changing this registry key that probably will be perfect because the service should run before the system is completely up, and that's probably what Samsung did under XP.

Of course, with HID drivers things are going to work even better but in the meantime we have a workaround to trick the system letting the OS think that we have a Tablet PC.

So yes, that's the news, my Q1 is back in business!