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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More about Brightness in eo

Sometime ago I posted about how annoying was to set the brightness to 25% every time I turned the eo on when it was on battery and how this setting was disabled in this device. Well, I received today an email from TabletKiosk about this issue:

Hello Frank,

Upon review with the Amtek engineering team and the VIA engineering team we have been informed that enabling this function will have negative impact on the overall performance of the system, and this is why it has been disabled at this time.

386 Beech Ave, Suite 6
Torrance, CA 90501

What do you think guys? Right now I see how to have the brightness pre set to 50% on battery diminish the battery life a lot. If that option is enabled and an user increase brightness to more than 50% when the unit is on battery he will notice how the battery life will be less than what he had normally and will decrease the brightness to a level where he can get the best/longer battery life. That's for sure. Right now any user can do that - increase brightness when the eo is running on battery - using the Amtek menu so why that option from the TabletPC and Pen settings can not be activated? It does not make any sense to me.